E-Coach Room

The non-interactive automotive E-coach room (in short: E-coach room) applies instructor-centered teaching structure. It is a teaching platform that combines theory, simulation and real car. By utilizing multimedia, software and training cabin, the E-coach room becomes an integrated product. The E-coach room consists of view system and training cabin.

left video is product presentation

1.System Structure

The view system contains: e-coach V1 series software, computer, projector, electronic screen, sound system and loud speaker. The simulation software, computer and loud speaker were built in the center control platform.  

The E-coach room is composed by group of training cabin. Sunheart QJ-2 series simulation cabin have two models and four types, they are SHUNHEART QJ-2A3 (car and truck), SUNHEART QJ-2B3 (car and truck), the color of the cabin range are red, sliver, blue, bluish green, army green and cream.

2.Application Filed

The non-interactive Automotive E-Coach Room is a high-tech teaching platform which combines theory teaching and real car operation. The E-coach room focus on experience, equipped with advanced view system, combine the multimedia teaching equipments and automotive driving cabin, so the instructor can make high efficiency group training. In the training process, the instructor organizes the trainees to carry on theory learning, simulation practice and real car preparation, so that the trainees can accumulate the driving experience quickly.

3. Education Function and design

This product is suitable for army and driver training institutions to carry out group training and driving skill evaluation.

4. Learning Pattern

5. Data

(1)Standard Data

S/N Type Description Unit No 48 Cabin 24 Cabin 12 Cabin Comment
1 Visual System LED
Set 1 4000ANSI 1024×768 3000ANSI 1024×768 2500ANSI 1024×768 Ladder
2 Screen Set 1 150" 150" 120"  
3 Computer Set 1 Qinghua tongfang 17"LED Qinghua tongfang 17"LED Qinghua tongfang 17"LED  
4 Stereo Set 1 C-TOP AK-800 C-TOP AK-600 C-TOP AK-600  
5 Audio Set 1 Fuhao R16 Depai 100 Depai 100  
6   Software Set 1 Electrical Coach V1.4(Truck,Car)  
7 Cabin Cabin Set   Xuanai QJ-2A3(Truck,Car) Choose one
8 Set   Xuanai QJ-2B3(Truck,Car)
9 Accessories Traffic Sign& Board Set 1 Version  2010 Version  2010 Version  2010  
10 Port & Lines Set 1 48 cabins 24 cabins 24 cabins  
11 Work Station & Chairs Set 1 For Classroom For Classroom For Classroom